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Our trip to England

On Sunday morning at 6.30 we met at school where the bus picked us up to take us to England – the journey took more than 14 hours! We went to Calais by bus; in Calais, we entered the ferry to England and after 2 hours, we arrived at Dover. We arrived a little bit too early so we still had time to visit the Pier. After a 30-minutes-visit we went to our meeting point where we met our host families for the first time. It was interesting to see that many houses in England are built with brown bricks – it looked quite different!

After dinner and after having a shower we went to bed. On the next morning we woke up too early because we had forgotten that the time in England is different from the German one. We had some cereals for breakfast and got our lunch boxes before we met our classmates. We spent half of the day in Brighton where we did a nice and funny rally about Brighton and in the afternoon we had a beautiful walk along the cliffs of Eastbourne – the landscape was really beautiful!

Later we found a cosy little beach where we relaxed in the sun for a while. On Tuesday we went to London where we visited Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the Buckingham Palace and some other interesting sights. Afterwards we walked to a nice district called Covent Garden where we could spend some time for shopping. It was a wonderful day! On Wednesday we went to London again. We had a sight-seeing tour on the Thames which was quite nice although it was very cold outside. One of our personal highlights was visiting the Oxford Street, as there were a lot of cool shops. In the afternoon we had a workshop about Romeo and Juliet in Shakespeare´s Globe theatre. It was really funny and also quite interesting. On Thursday we went to a small town called Chichester where we visited the Chichester Cathedral, which was really impressive. After that we visited Arundel Castle, which was also really cool because we learned how people used to live in the past. The Castle is very big and decorated, and it was interesting to learn that the owners still live there. Then we went home. In the evening we had to pack our things and went to bed early because we had to leave England quite early the next morning.

All in all it was a great trip: We learned a lot of interesting things and the families were very friendly and welcoming! If it is possible, we will visit England again very soon …

Class 9a